Skincare routine for combination to oily skin

In this blog post we're showing you a skin care routine for combination skin featuring three products from Korean organic brand WHAMISA: the Organic Flowers Toner Original, the Organic Flowers Sebum Treatment and the Organic Flowers Water Cream.

As always, your skin care routine should start with clean skin! Cleanse your skin with the products of your choice - for example by Double Cleansing - and gently pat it dry with a towel.

Step 1:

Let's begin with the first moisturising step - applying a layer of WHAMISA's Original Toner.

This  toner is hydrating but not too rich which makes it ideal for combination or oily skin types. It is based on aloe vera leaf extract and cucumber extract and provides an all-over burst of hydration for the skin. Pour a bit of the toner into your hands and press it into the skin. Make sure to apply it to the entire face because your oily patches need hydration, too!

Wait for a few minutes until the toner has been absorbed into the skin. If you feel like it, apply a second or third layer (check out our article about the 7-Skin Method.)


Step 2:

Now it's time for the second step - applying WHAMISA's Sebum Treatment which is a light-weight moisturiser that gently balances out oily skin whilst still adding all-over hydration.

This moisturiser is an ultra-light liquid lotion treatment based on aloe vera leaf extract, apple fruit extract, camellia seed oil, Chinese skullcap extract, peony extract, liquorice root extract and yuzu fruit extract.

The fruit acids and other herbal extracts regulate the skin's sebum production and refine pores to prevent impurities from forming without drying out the skin. The Sebum Treatment moisturiser is very low in lipids so it mattifies the skin to make it look even-toned and velvety.


Step 3:

Finally, finish off your skin care routine with WHAMISA's Water Cream. This light and fresh moisturising cream is based on rice extract, aloe vera leaf extract, carrot seed oil and olive oil and provides hydration rather than lipids. Apply a small amount of the cream all over the face, concentrating especially on the drier areas.

If your cheeks still feels a little dry or tight simply add a few drops of Whamisa's Organic Flowers Facial oil to a small amount of the Water Cream and massage this mixture into the dry areas of your face.

And that's it, your skin care routine is done!


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